Wish you could accomplish more? Life as a lady boss is one big to-do list. Allow GENIE to help you get more done, faster.

the           way



Use a GENIE for any task you need: email list setup, social media, blog post SEO, researching competitors, finding client leads, source contacts, research tools or products, manage appointments, travel arrangements, presentations, create databases, comparison shopping, even weekly meals plans, and so much more!

GENIE will relinquish you from your overwhelming and inescapable daily task list that feels more like a burden than a blessing. Based in sunny California, every GENIE assistant is hand-picked for unparalleled experience, lively passion, and extreme attention to detail. Let GENIE help you carve out more time from your days so that you can work on your business, not in your business - while focusing on profits and growth of your projects.

you're not an imposter. your many-hat-wearing team of ONE has a secret weapon:

The Biz Genie 24/7 unlimited virtual support assistant...your new magic wand






members-only virtual assistance for ambitious founders, freelancers, and small creative teams available through the Biz Genie mobile app

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...imagine a morning routine where you roll out of bed, toss your hair in a bun, jot down your priority goals for the day, pop open your phone to send as many tasks as you need completed over to GENIE, no questions asked, and breath a deep sigh of relief that you can now focus on being BOSS


get any of your tasks done: like magic!

BIZ GENIE was built exclusively for entrepreneurial women like you, to solve any and all project headaches you've felt, from admin to marketing, and everything in between. Whatever is on your to-do list, GENIE is on it.

picture this...

your clients, coaching,

Think you're better off doing all your tasks yourself? How has that been working for you so far? Your project is your baby and no one can take care of it like you, but now you're completely frustrated and overwhelmed that you can't get it all done...running yourself into the ground...doing admin when you should be focusing on 

By offering you round-the-clock unlimited virtual support from hand-picked, highly skilled, business assistants called GENIES, you'll feel like you hired and trained your perfect support team without doing all the work.

art, writing, designs, photography, presentation...

Biz Genie is a safety net for women who just had their AHA! moment:


Built by women for women



Our members are self-made women who come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and walks of life, but they all have one thing in common...succeeding the smart way!

You can feel safe with our reliable virtual assistance service accessed right from your phone that is trusted by hundreds of female founders just like you, who have used the Biz Genie service to keep them from being bogged down by daily menial tasks. It's no wonder our members use GENIE daily like kittens to catnip! If you're not ready for a full-time employee, this is the addictive nature of outsourcing your to-do list.

Send tasks to your GENIE assistant with just a couple taps of a button online, by email, or from your phone with our flagship mobile app. Now relax, GENIE will send you a completed project in a jiffy.

delegating just got easier


What could GENIE knock off your list today?

With Biz Genie, you will gain back so much free time, you'll have to start planning how to make more money instead of curing more headaches. Vacations, a healthy social life and self-care will start to become options again!


easy cancellations!

Try Biz Genie for now for 30 days. Then pay just $100 per month.

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GETTING STARTED is so easy, it feels so a new pair of shoes

Hand-picked Genie match!

It's time to check off that to-do!

The average cost of hiring your own experienced assistant is a $55,000 annual salary

did you know:

Getting featured in renowned podcasts + becoming an authority in your space without lifting a finger to research the dozens of show options or submission guidelines

do what you love

and stop spending time on stuff you don't

These are all true story examples of how Biz Genie has improved the lives of our members

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You could skip all the micromanaging nonsense and only do what you love to do. The things that set you on fire. The reason you even started in the first place. Then leave the need-to-do, should-be-doing, can't-stand-doing to GENIE

Tasks are such a buzz kill. Business is a celebration of you talents + skills + passions. 

So let's get the party re-started! 

Launch your skincare brand internationally with a go-to market strategy that leaves competition in the dust

things you could be doing instead of being a slave to your business

Enjoying #1 bestseller status on Amazon (ya know, since you didn't do social media scheduling, outreach databases, publicity campaigns, or the tedious research yourself)

Watching your son graduate top honors because you had more time to be a great mom, while Genie researched private schools and scholarships for mister all-star math nerd

You're not alone...

Katya Lakshmi, Founder @ The Wedding Network

"WOW! I just got back my first jobs done by your VA app and it was perfect! Saved me hours of work. Too good to be true! Thank you so much, I hope to keep getting fantastic results."

Chrissy Carroll, Blogger @ Snacking In Sneakers

No way around it, we're the best!

Laura Bloomer, Photographer + Makeup Artist @ Laura Bloomer

"Absolutely love this service. Thank you so much for what you've created. You guys rock!"

"I am only one month into using it and I am already 100% LOVING Biz Genie. In the morning I think through what tasks are on my plate and what could be outsourced to Biz Genie. I put in a quick request, and a few hours later the work shows up in my inbox! At the $100 price point, this is an option that any entrepreneur can afford. It is a game changer!"

Hundreds of entrepreneurial women with ambitious goals run around like chickens with their heads cut off, plus a fierce micromanaging grip on their projects. Until they wise up and finally outsource! Learn the power of delegation, then see a huge unexpected growth spurt in your business just like our other Biz Genie members.

What does 24/7 support mean?

There's no catch! We only exclude support in the following areas: web design, transcriptions, copywriting. Our GENIES can handle everything from techy tasks, Canva graphics, to working with your apps like ConvertKit and MailChimp or even sales funnels. We’ve found our monthly members respect the service and choose not to abuse it.

Our GENIES are highly trained professionals who value your privacy + confidentiality. You actually don't have to give any confidential info out. However, if you do have sensitive tasks, we recommend using LastPass, so you can let GENIE get to know your projects to provide personalized service.

(because they can't believe it's this awesome!)

What about my personal information?

No matter what part of the world you're in, you can submit your tasks through the Biz Genie mobile app anytime. Our GENIES are American, English-speaking wizards who will complete your tasks in the order they are received, M-F, with a turnaround of one business day!*

This really is too good! What's the catch?

Not at all. Whether you have a thriving business, are just getting started with entrepreneurship, or work a 9-5 and can use some extra help with a laundry list of things you rather not do, Biz Genie is for every woman who needs a helping hand.

Things people often ask us

Is this for business owners only?

If your previous bad experiences with VAs has made your to-do list get in the way of business growth, you owe yourself a Genie!

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100% adapted to your needs

Not only is Biz Genie the fastest way to escape project overload, it's also the #1 premium virtual assistance app in the App Store for women in biz.

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